Friday, January 04, 2008

We Survived

We survived somewhat damaged but not as bad as the folks in the photo 99 posted. Hopefully they have insurance!
It's not worth making a claim for my losses since the fence was 18 years old and the roof is 8-10 years old. Any payout would be minimal and not worth the risk of getting dumped.

Here's where I will be if you can't find me - click on photos to enlarge.

Tree parts - you can see the power line in the street to the upper left of the tree part pile. Ten minutes before it all came down my truck had been parked with the rear bumper at the right hand yellow line.

Downed power lines. One down to the ground and one sagging into the lower wires. Notice the insulator broken off of the transformer.

My roof - not as bad as I had envisioned. Big Dan will flip over this photo!

A portion of my fence. There is about another 40 feet behind the camera's view that's also down as well as some parts of the back fence. The ironic thing is that the post which is tied with the yellow rope was the only part I was worried about. I had tied it off yesterday in anticipation of the storm.

The crime tape which provided much entertainment as the cops tried to keep it deployed.

The back edge of the storm has finally arrived.

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