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Got Meth?

Please, Please, Please...
Watch this then get help!

Some Links

Crystal Darkness
Faces of Meth
Meth Mouth
Meth Information and Resource Center (Additional Resources)
Crystal Recovery (Holistic Recovery)
KCI Antimeth Site (Recovery resources and forums)


Alcohol, Ether, Benzene, Toluene/Paint Thinner, Freon, Acetone, Chloroform, Camp Stove Fuel/Coleman Fuel, Starting Fluid, Anhydrous Ammonia, "Heet", White Gasoline, Phenyl-2-Propane, Phenylacetone, Phenylpropanolamine, Iodine Crystals, Red Phosphorous, Black Iodine, Lye (Red Devil Lye), Drano, Muriatic/Hydrochloric Acid, Battery Acid/Sulfuric Acid, Epsom Salts, Batteries/Lithium, Sodium Metal, Wooden Matches, Propane Cylinders, Hot Plates, Ephedrine (over-the-counter), Cold Tablets, Bronchodialators, Energy Boosters, Rock Salt, Diet Aids

Aren't they cute?


Your Brain on Meth

This video was shown last night on all of the local TV stations. It is a huge problem here in the California Central Valley.

I have known a number of people who went down that road and the damage it did was beyond comprehension.

Totally ruined lives.

Currently there is a pair of young men being tried for the murder of a CHP officer while they were tweaked out on meth. In their state of mind they felt it was better to kill the officer than go back to jail on a parole violation.

One person I knew had a successful construction company but over a 1 year period after starting on meth, he took to shooting it, lost his business and home, got divorced, and lost his vehicles and other possessions.

The last time I saw him he was so paranoid he thought satellites were tracking him and the CIA was spying on him. He would run and hide from airplanes flying over head, thinking they were filming is movements.

The really scary part was that he had acquired a number of hand guns.


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Speaking of Dominoes!

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Link to article at National Geographic

The chunk of coastal ice was some 160 square miles (415 square kilometers) in area—about seven times the size of Manhattan.
The shelf's rapid collapse began on February 28 (see image sequence at top right), sending a giant swath of broken ice into the sea (detail at bottom).


And They All Fall Down


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Somebody please explain the difference!

Oh, I see, she was sleep deprived!

Bill explains


Maybe I'll Move Here

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Happy Easter

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Bluebear's Working

BB2's Placard.

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Luminary Peace Sign

Full Moon over Peace Sign

Yesterday I attended a protest against the Iraq War held on the fifth anniversary of George Bush's escapades in the region. What began as "Shock and Awe" has proven to be just plain awful. Based on lies and doctored evidence we were dragged into this quagmire by Bush's personal vendetta against Saddam Husein as well as a desire to control the worlds second largest oil field. In the process nearly 4,000 American Soldiers have died, thousands upon thousands have been wounded. Of those wounded many are dealing with a life of physical and emotional scars which will never heal.

Blogging about it for a year and a half somehow soothed me enough so as to feel I was doing something. While I was always on the front lines of the protest movement against the Vietnam war it had now become easy to let others stand on the corners with their placards, while I drove by honking and waving a peace sign in support.

Recently I have been moved more towards direct action. Email solicitations from asked me to sign up to attend the candle light vigil being held at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento preceded by an anti-war demonstration.
The thought of attending kept bouncing around in my head until yesterday morning as I was looking at the piece of foam board sitting in the corner of my room.
Suddenly it occurred to me it would be perfect for a protest sign.

I was off and running, digging through all the downloaded photos on my computer, printing them out, cutting them up and pasting them onto the foam board. A grape stake and some duct tape to attach it completed the sign. After a couple of slivers the handle was also wrapped with duct tape.

First I headed downtown to another protest I had heard about, but upon arriving I found that the rechargeable batteries for my camera had gone bad. In the time it took to make the preliminary settings on the camera the freshly charged batteries had already died. Fortunately I have a charger that works in my car, so wishing to take pictures later, I decided to forgo the demonstration at the Capital and instead get new batteries and get them charging for later.

That was the first battery snafu. The second occurred when I arrived at the later protest, parked and walked six blocks to the event only to discover the dang batteries were still in the charger in my car. Not only did I exercise my rights, but my legs as well!

The Sacramento protest was held at the intersection of Howe Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard during the afternoon rush hour from 4:30 to 6:30PM. This is one of the top 2 intersections for traffic volume in the Sacramento region.


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Dan Rather and the Marlboro Man

Since the blue bear of this lair seems to be on vacation, I thought I'd post this so we can keep up with a couple wrecked American icons.

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Vote for Davis

Remember this one?

It's up for a YouTube award. Vote daily for Davis in the politics category.

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One Small Victory

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I've revived the following report from last October since today there has been one small victory over the onslaught of Blackwater within our country.

In this report yesterday from Think Progress we find that the town of Potrereo, California has fought back against Blackwater and stopped the proposed construction of a Blackwater training camp in their community.
Military contractor Blackwater Worldwide has pulled plans to build a training facility near San Diego, CA, facing intense opposition by local activists. In December, “voters recalled five members of a local planning board who supported the project.” The proposal for “Blackwater West” included “11 firing ranges, a driving track and a helipad in a valley tucked into rocky desert mountains.”

When the city planning board voted in favor of the camp last year the community call for a recall election of those voting in favor of the camp. In that election those favoring the facility were soundly defeated as reported here at Crooks and Liars:
A tiny town called Potrero just north of the border in California, an area ravaged by the recent wildfires, just stood up and resoundingly said no to another impending disaster: Blackwater moving to town. It was the nation’s first ever electoral vote on Blackwater and it was a massive people-powered grassroots victory over the mercenaries. Every “stop Blackwater” candidate won by at least 63% (results here). It was an an enormous statement to Blackwater: stay out, you are not the kind of neighbors we want in our community. It is also a blistering statement by a very conservative town to reject the Bush world view. Our nation is not better served by having a privatized Army and there is nothing pro-troop about supporting Blackwater.

C&L also tells us of Blackwater's struggle to get the camp placed there:
Blackwater has been working this little town of 509 registered voters (which went for Bush over Kerry by 25.8%) hard. They deployed Brian Bonfiglio, a Vice-President at Blackwater out to San Diego County to regularly show up to town meetings in Potrero. They sent out propaganda mailers and generally tried to ingratiate themselves with residents of the community. In short, Blackwater has invested a great deal of resources into P.R. within Potrero and cares very much what the residents feel about the company. Naturally, Bonfiglio and Blackwater are trying to downplay this huge loss, even trying to claim that they couldn’t give a crap about the town.

Meet Carl Meyer, a farmer and life long Potrero resident who helped lead the “Save Potrero” slate. In the recall election he won 71.4% of the vote thus replacing Gordon Hammers, the chair of the Planning Group and most ardent supporter of the camp.

Following is the original report on Blackwater from last October:

Blackwater, one of the US mercenary private security forces in Iraq, is working beyond the law and immune from any responsibility or legal ramifications for its acts.

What is Blackwater?

When did this start?

Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater - The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army and National Institute Fellow, speaks about Blackwater and their lack of accountability.

Here Jeremy discusses Blackwater and the shadow armies we employ.

Blackwater employees caught smuggling weapons into Iraq.

Blackwater attacking innocent civilians.

In this video Bill Moyers interviews Jeremy Scahill regarding the use of Blackwater within the United States.

Potrereo California - Site of a new Blackwater mega training camp?
(It's all about the money!)

Congress gives Erik Prince the military's negative view of their work.

Bush, of course ducks and darts, thinking this situation is quite humorous. (It's how he works.)

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Saturday Night Music Videos

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It's time to wake you guys up! Come to the Vault and crank it up. Tonight the Pied Piper of all lost innocents, that famous Fagin come Captain Hook, moves with drunken abandon in phases of sexual intoxication as he waves his flute! It's Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull!
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The Real Terrorists
Forget Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting

Now that we have Domestic Terrorists burning down houses, bombing recruiting offices and plotting to bomb dormitories it is time to review the things we need to do to protect ourselves!

And don't forget to Duck and Cover!

Why is all this all necessary?

Must we be afraid, and of whom?


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Saturday Night Music Videos

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On a suggestion from Big Dan, come on over tonight for an evening with John Prine - singer, songwriter and storyteller extraordinaire.
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