Saturday, April 25, 2015


Kavic came into our lives over 12 years when we brought her home from the shelter as a puppy.
Her original name was Heidi and I would call her Heidi Ho. Somewhere along the way Kaela renamed her as Kavic.
She was always a happy dog who loved to sing. She would talk to you if you talked back to her.
Feeding time was always a noisy occurrance.
One of my fondest memories was when Kae took her to agility classes. Kavic learned quickly how to weave through the poles, climb the ladders and run across the narrow beams. She eagerly dashed through the tunnels, but when she would see me standing next to the ring, she would break away from the exercise and make a bee line to me. It reached a point where I would have to hide behind a tree or in the bushes so she would complete the round.

About a month ago she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Her health began a rapid decline since then.
Today it reached the point where it was best we put her to rest before she began suffering.

Rest in peace Kavic, you will be missed.

Puppy Kavic


1/1/2009 at Folsom Lake

5/7/2006 at the American River - Sailor Bar