Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Military Ray Gun - It's Official

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As previously discussed here at the Lair the military has produced what they refer to as a non-lethal weapon. They are now formally announcing its existence and although no orders have been placed for the guns yet, one can imagine it will only be a short time before their deployment.

In a similar article at Raw Story it is stated:
The system ray is 95 gigahertz, a frequency “absorbed very superficially,” said Miller.

The beam only goes 1/64th of an inch (0.4 millimeter), which “gives a lot more safety.”

In contrast, microwave frequency is around one gigahertz, which moves faster and penetrates deeper — which is how it can cook meat in an oven, said top researcher Diana Loree.
Excuse me, but radio waves are radio waves, they all move at the same speed regardless of their frequency.

Also of note:
And in a bid to avert accidents, Taffola said the operator’s trigger, in a truck far from the action, has an automatic shut-off after 3 seconds for safety.
Like the drone program, another instance of the operator being far removed from the impact of his action - just another video game.