Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Justice for Emmett Till

by Bluebear2

Back in November of last year I wrote about the murder of Emmett Till. At that time there was some hope that Justice might finally be served as the Justice Department had reopened the case.

The FBI took on the case in 2004 but handed it over to the local prosecutor in 2006, telling the prosecutor to look into Carolyn Bryant Donham, wife of one of the original defendants who admitted to the crime after he had been exonerated by the courts. It was Carolyn that Emmett had whistled at, leading to his torture and murder.

Then today we get this disheartening news. The Grand Jury in her manslaughter case has issued a "no bill", claiming they found insufficient evidence to issue an indictment.

Emmett's cousin, 64 year old Simeon Wright who heard Emmett whistle, said disappointedly:
"You're looking at Mississippi. I guess it's about the same way it was 50 years ago. We had overwhelming evidence, and they came back with the same decision. Some of the people haven't changed from 50 years ago. Same attitude. The evidence speaks for itself."
History professor David Beito of the University of Alabama who has researched the case extensively points out the one good thing which came of Emmett's demise:
"It gave a jump-start to the civil rights movement. "It did not create the civil rights movement, but it made it more into a mass movement. It really mobilized people.''
He also feels that there is now no one left to prosecute for the crime.

Simeon Wright sums it up this way:
"J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant died with Emmett Till's blood on their hands. And it looks like everyone else who was involved is going to do the same. They had a chance to come clean. They will die with Emmett Till's blood on their hands."
Over 50 years later and it seems little has changed in the South!

Friday, February 23, 2007


by Bluebear2

While fighting hard to take CONTROL over KAOS we all must step back at times and take a break to maintain our sanity, or what little of it that remains.

We need to:

listen to the roar of falling water

or the silence of a mountain top.

Sit and watch a sunset

or a setting moon.

Go for a cool morning walk

or swim in a cold mountain lake.

Enjoy the beauty of a flower,

or the laughter of a child.

Ponder the profound love between a child and her pet!


Mocha came into our home about 4 years ago. It was on one of those weekend trips to the feed store that my daughter spotted the guinea pig in the window.

She brought it home and instantly they fell in love. Mocha was treated to full reign of my daughters room. She rode on my daughters shoulder everywhere and sat in her lap on the swings at the playground.

She wanted nothing to do with another guinea pig when we felt she needed a buddy, but would cry when my daughter left the room.

I also enjoyed her company as she would sit on my desk while I was typing. She would add to my commenting at Bradblog, but I never quite learned her language, although she would say such profound things as zdqefr4 and /;lklouyt5.

It always amazed me how such a small animal could give so much trust and yearning for a human being 100 times her size. And how much love my daughter could give to this little animal.

If only us older humans could all do the same.

Mocha died last night. She had been ill for a couple of days. Our house is a little more empty now, but the lessons she has taught will remain.

Rest in peace Mocha, you were one remarkable pig.

all photos BB2 except Mocha - by daughter (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our Deepest Sympathies and Apologies

by Bluebear2

Agent 99 and I wish to send our deepest sympathies to our friends at the top of the world and apologies for what we have wrought upon them.

It seems that our criminal/traitor/appointed/Vice President has found it necessary to set foot upon your land.

We apologize for his trespass upon your soil and we sympathize with your abhorrence of the situation, not only in your country, but the rest of the world which he has touched.

We do have one question though -


Thanks for showing us the proper way to deal with this slimy weasel!

Oh by the way - can't you just keep him? Please!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Special CONTROL Requisition

by Bluebear2

While fighting the agents of KAOS our mighty Agent 99 has become tubless. The situation has become desperate as she no longer has a place to foment her plans for world peace and harmony.

Therefore I have forwarded an Emergency Requisition Order for one tub to be delivered immediately to her place of choice.

Also included will be a cone of silence with bark arrestor and a fresh barrel of brandy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

You Be The Judge

by Bluebear2






Digital cameras tend to produce artifacts around the boundaries of highly contrasting objects. Although not usually evident in the normal sized photo, upon magnification they can be seen.

photo Bluebear2



Somehow I can't shake the impression that there is something fishy about the halo around that plane. Some of it closely follows the contours of the plane, but there also seems to be a parallelogram shaped box around the whole plane with sharply defined edges.

The illumination of the plane also puzzles me. Why is it black?

The sun is shining brightly from the left. If you look at the building with the green roof near the left edge of the photo you can see the shadow of the building to its left. This gives a perspective oN the angle of illumination.

The plane does not appear to be in a position to be shaded by the smoke which which is behind the tower and the plane.

There are many other mysteries and many cover stories.





Wednesday, February 14, 2007

draft gore

Listen to this speech.

And contemplate that he is nominated for an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize right now. Far and away better than the entire rest of the pack.

Update 3/9/07 - given what i have realized

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tilting Dust Bunnies

by Agent 99

On a recent housecleaning adventure day at my house I used this picture to give an idea of my vexation over the mishaps along the way. Some people thought I meant my house was this much of a mess. No. It really needed dusting and wiping and scrubbing, but it's not very messy. My mind fills with this stuff just as the excellent Don Quixote's did in the Cervantes novel. I've always loved this Gustave Doré for its depiction of the gallant madman's psyche. I feel like a gallant madwoman all the time, tilting dust bunnies, duelling vacuum cleaner, bellowing leftist invective at the toilet bowl.

The deal is: I stew about the world while cleaning. Wild scenarios dance in my head as vividly as Don Quixote's. There would be more bodiless -- formerly talking -- heads lying around. As I clear my desk of a hundred framed photographs to give it a good cleaning, I can opt to leave it bare, or fill it with other things, but I'm imagining hauling a hundred senators out of the Capitol as I'm doing it. And it's as easy to do in my mind as clearing my desk. The toilet they've made of the White House as easy to sanitize as this one. Headless arms dealers stacked like cordwood. Defense contractors filed neatly away in metal cabinets, if you get my drift. When I set to house-cleaning, I am like Don Quixote making himself and the world fit for the fair Dulcinea. My mind is ablaze with victories on the field of honor.

You can't know how many times I've been swinging from the earlobes of one person or another, only to have them ask what windmill I'd like them to tilt for me next. The deal is: I'm not hallucinating. They might have a point about the uselessness of some of the attempts to improve things I think up, but they surely won't improve if we do nothing. I'M NOT HALLUCINATING! If you can't bring yourself to try something vivid and real where it will yank people out of this filthy cycle, YOU ARE.

It's this bad.