Friday, February 23, 2007


by Bluebear2

While fighting hard to take CONTROL over KAOS we all must step back at times and take a break to maintain our sanity, or what little of it that remains.

We need to:

listen to the roar of falling water

or the silence of a mountain top.

Sit and watch a sunset

or a setting moon.

Go for a cool morning walk

or swim in a cold mountain lake.

Enjoy the beauty of a flower,

or the laughter of a child.

Ponder the profound love between a child and her pet!


Mocha came into our home about 4 years ago. It was on one of those weekend trips to the feed store that my daughter spotted the guinea pig in the window.

She brought it home and instantly they fell in love. Mocha was treated to full reign of my daughters room. She rode on my daughters shoulder everywhere and sat in her lap on the swings at the playground.

She wanted nothing to do with another guinea pig when we felt she needed a buddy, but would cry when my daughter left the room.

I also enjoyed her company as she would sit on my desk while I was typing. She would add to my commenting at Bradblog, but I never quite learned her language, although she would say such profound things as zdqefr4 and /;lklouyt5.

It always amazed me how such a small animal could give so much trust and yearning for a human being 100 times her size. And how much love my daughter could give to this little animal.

If only us older humans could all do the same.

Mocha died last night. She had been ill for a couple of days. Our house is a little more empty now, but the lessons she has taught will remain.

Rest in peace Mocha, you were one remarkable pig.

all photos BB2 except Mocha - by daughter (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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