Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In Remembrance of John F. Kennedy.

By Bluebear2

Winter Patriot and Agent 99 have posted a fine article in remembrance of John Fitzgerald Kennedy today on the 43rd anniversary of his assassination. Be sure to read it here.

The day President Kennedy was shot I was a sophomore in high school. Choir class had just started when the intercom came on with the news coverage from the scene. Everyone in the room became instantly silent as we listened. Soon the tears started to flow.

What were we going to do now?
Our great leader was gone and how could we go on?

The rest of the classes that day were discussions of the event, although I no longer remember much of what was discussed.

I remember seeing Jackie crawling over the back seat and trunk of the limo to retrieve a portion of his brain and thinking of what it would be like to pick up a piece of brain from someone you loved.

(I've always wondered, if he was shot from behind, how did a portion of his brain end up on the trunk?)

I remember watching the funeral procession and seeing John John saluting as the carriage went by and thought about what a tragedy it must be for him, what it must be like to see your father in a flag-draped box.

I remember seeing Lyndon Johnson being sworn in as president and wondering how that goofy looking guy was going to save us.

I remember a feeling of huge loss which lasted for a long time - even now when I think about it and read the fine words Winter Patriot and Agent 99 have brought to us today. Link

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