Friday, December 08, 2006

John and Cynthia

by Agent 99

Cynthia McKinney risked her life for her country today, and it hasn't even been the first time. Upholding her oath of office, she introduced a bill of impeachment against those filthy madmen traitors in the White House on this, the twenty-sixth anniversary of John's death, and her last day in the House of Representatives. It's hero day at my house. So I want to mention her here where I'm remembering a hero, who died for us as surely as Christ ever did, because she officially is a hero now too. Not just an American hero, a world hero. Make no mistake about it. The world depends on passing her bill.

Will the next Congress really can her bill? Can we let them? No. Too many have died, have consciously risked and given their lives, for the love of freedom and peace -- for us -- for us to turn away now.


And then act.

And don't stop till we have saved the world.

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