Saturday, March 03, 2007

Weekend Hersh-a-Thon

by Agent 99

Ever since breaking the story last spring that the administration was seeking to use nukes on Iran's "nuclear targets", Seymour Hersh has been very busy continuing his investigation and getting the word out to us as he goes along. It's very literally a matter of millions of lives and deaths, and no matter what you are hearing on the tv news, or what you don't want to think, the same people who brought us the Iraq Invasion on cooked-up evidence are hard at it again -- this time on Iran. They are not daunted. Congress is not even slowing them. This is not wacky conspiracy theory. These are not irresponsible men. This is not a drill.

From last summer, Hersh warning about Israeli invasion of Lebanon connection with our plans for Iran:

And then in October, with Scott Ritter on C-SPAN's Book TV (hour and a half):

And then later in the fall:

And now a few days ago:

Very important interview on Democracy Now!

Some of my (supposed) fellow truth seekers are giving me some grief over at Winter Patriot about Seymour Hersh. Some are freaking because he appeared to them to be endorsing the "beliefs" of * and Vice Fuhrer Darth Fudd that they are protecting us from nuclear attack with all this filthy warmongering and profiteering, and some think he's a neocon plant because he has not chosen to champion the 9/11 Truth Movement while he's working his butt off to stop WWIII. This clip shows vividly that Hersh is making fun of the administration's disgusting excuse for their mass murdering. He's not a proponent of it. He's being sardonic. Using irony.

Sheesh and goddammit! We really do have to learn how to tell friend from foe, and dissing this bodhisattva while he's trying to save millions of lives really aggravates me!

It's possible you'll want to get on over to The New Yorker and read whatever you can find by Seymour Hersh. The guy has been hitting them out of the park since Vietnam, and is probably the best-connected rock-solid journalist we have left. And I'm sure I don't have to remind anybody that The New Yorker is not going to print it unless it is every bit as solid as he says. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

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