Friday, January 04, 2008

Ridin' The Storm Out

Wave 2 is here, I made it to work with numerous encounters of tree limbs and misc. debris. At one point I got to play chicken with a large garbage can and had to dodge one of those giant fiberglass van bumpers that was blowing across the freeway.

I was driving 45mph with the wind to my back, torrential rain falling and my windshield was dry!

From the home front my wife reports:

So far the toll is about 150' of fence, a pile of tree limbs and 30,000 volt power lines down in front of my house.

Winds currently are around 40mph sustained with 65mph gusts with soaking rain.

The cops have our house surrounded with crime tape to keep people away from the power lines. It's a regular Keystone Cops episode watching them trying to keep the tape up and keep people from driving down the street past the downed lines.

The cops are sitting in their cars about a half block away in each direction. When a car comes down the street the cops get on their bullhorns and tell the car to turn around with a cordial "Don't make me get out of my car".

Here at work the neighbor who shares or building has had two large roll-up doors blown in off their tracks. Their business is closed today but fortunately one of his customers stopped by and happened to know his home phone number so we could alert him.

The cold front is still about 50 miles off shore and isn't due to pass through for another couple of hours. As it passes we will see the highest winds and most torrential rainfall.

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