Monday, December 21, 2009

HaloScan Demise

HaloScan flew the coop!

Sorry folks... I've unfortunately had to dump HaloScan as my commenting widget and revert to the Blogger default. This has caused all the comments here to disappear. I have exported and saved the old HaloScan comments but at this point am unable to import them.


  1. This is good news for me. I do not like Haloscan. maybe i did not understand it that well. I am basically computer ignorant. I find this system much more user friendly. I hope bigdan is next to change over. LOL.

  2. He'll have to... His deadline is the 29th. Or he'll have to fork over $9.95 to keep Halo.

    My deadline here is Jan. 2nd. So far I haven't received the message at the other blogs yet.

    I didn't like all the social networking links they were going to add, plus I couldn't figure out if the fee was per membership or per blog.

  3. Well, it's gonna be a drag for Danny, I think. HaloScan is better for long threads and for ease and for automatic hyperlinks and smilies, but I really think this may put more pressure on Blogger to do better with comments.

    I hope anyway.

  4. I miss the recent comment widget - made it so easy to check if any new comments were made somewhere.

    And I miss the fact that HaloScan remembered who you were from one session to the next, even between blogs.

    Having to add ones name each time is a drag.