Wednesday, April 07, 2010

why i'm calling progressives fascists-in-denial

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Again 99 is making herself hugely unpopular by hopping up and down and insisting on truth, EVEN when it's going to piss off her friends. Sorry. Honestly, but it is needful. It is needful in the extreme, and SOMEBODY has to do it.


  1. I came last night to make a new post and you had just put this up...

    I'll wait a couple of days.


  2. Oh, pfeh. You can post over the top of it. I just wish you'd please spread that link around because I think that whole little cosmos of linkage there pretty much illustrates the dire need for truthfulness and concerted action against these fuckers.

    As of today, thanks to z, I am 100% positive Naomi Wolf is ON this wavelength and evidently SHE doesn't think it's too late to join the Tea Parties.

    We need to get this message out wherever we can, as strongly as possible.... Maybe somebody—not me because I quit and won't comment there, lest someone mistake me for still helping him—could even go over to Brad's and beat him over the head with it.....

  3. Well darn,

    I went over there but only found one link to the tea parties - some old videos from October.

  4. There is just about constant sniping about "teabaggers" over there. I guess the latest hissy has been how a Republiskunk shut down ACORN and the NYT wasn't reporting truthfully on it. The fate of the entire Western World now hangs on harrying the NYT to report the perfidies... as though the words "Judith Miller" had never been heard.

    Not much grousing about THE BILL OF ATTAINDER the Democraps voted for right along with the rest of them. No, no, we're busting an aneurysm over whether the fucker wore his pimp suit into the offices.

    Not much attention to the court decisiions nullifying the stupid thing.

    I guess, finally, "they" were forced to stop screaming that the little prick killed ACORN, because ACORN is not killed, but I'm not even sure of that much because it was so WITLESSLY AND SENSATIONALISTICALLY AND BREATHLESSLY drilled into every poor sap who landed on that page for weeks and weeks and weeks... may even STILL be filling every corner of Bradbart right up to this very moment.... But the comments threads are NEVER clear of smearing Tea Parties.

    Fucking blaringingly partisan shilling, the MIRROR IMAGE of the shit cranked out by those righties everyone's always bashing over there, AS nefarious, self-serving and America-ruining as the other side... driving me over my cliff so many times it WORE OUT! A whole cliff has been eroded into the sea over my agonies there, and I'm forced now to scream naked off one further from my home.

  5. So it's turned into more of a naked slide?

    What about friction burns?

  6. No, no. I have to use a new cliff now....

  7. I was just surfing Iraqi,Pali,& Iranian blog links, and was SHOCKED to stumble into a den of ?? pro-American conservatives!Thanks Ms.99 !