Monday, November 15, 2010

So Simple Even a Child Can Understand It

The Story of Electronics at The Story of Stuff Project

Ghana - Digital Dumping Ground

More on the subject at the Lair


  1. Oh. Well. Then. Uhm. I don't get it! :o]

    I mean, don't you sometimes feel it would be optimal to hire a toddler to help you through the third millennium gizmos? I bet a kindergartner could program my Honda for me....

  2. You know, these upbeat videos are getting on my nerves. They keep talking as though anything they're talking about will be taken into consideration by powerful people and acted upon. That's, like, psychotic by now, innit?

    Is Kaela young enough to understand this stuff? I thought she was a teenager...? Already out of the loop....

  3. That's, like, psychotic by now, innit

    Yup! My title was rather tongue-in-cheek because of the cheery attitude of the video.

    Kae is not too old to understand the programming of your car.

  4. SEND HER! I can't face the owner's manual....