Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh For An Airplane!

[photo BB2]

Oh for an airplane, that's where I'd be! Not a jetliner, rather an ultrlight or glider. Perhaps a balloon, that's it, a deck chair and balloons - lots of balloons!



  1. It just now occurred to me that you should be practicing getting out of your body. You'd get the deck chair with balloons effect that way.

  2. On the rare occasions that I am home alone I can lay my head back in my rocker and while gently rocking let my mind go blank. I can enter a state between awake and sleep where I can go to other places. Kind of like dreaming but still aware of my surroundings.

  3. That's the ticket... just try to move that into something you can do at will and Bob's yer uncle.

  4. The good part about having Bob as your uncle is you don't have to disavow any of your other uncles to reap the benefits.