Sunday, August 14, 2011

Death of the Internet
Surveillance & Censorship

"How do you hold the sovereigns of cyberspace accountable to the public interest when most CEO’s argue that their main obligation is to maximize shareholder profit?”

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  1. No mention of the affirmative uses to which fascist governments have put social media, only disparaging their blockage.

    No mention that "consent of the governed" is defunct, if it was ever actually implemented, or that this ruse is used to bleed us dry.

    I mean, I'm happy about her presentation insofar as it alerts people to the fact that corporations are taking over the governments' job of repressing and enslaving us by keeping us ignorant, but she did not elucidate how on earth to accomplish accountability to the public interest when neither governments nor corporations are accountable to it in any way already.

    Who does she propose BUY that for us? Some nonprofit that will get millions in donations and never PERFORM on their mandate? That's the usual approach to SEEMING activism.