Saturday, August 16, 2014


Eighteen years ago Rin and the girls were at a stoplight about eight blocks from the house when they heard a feeble cry of a cat. They got out to look around and found a young kitten sitting on top of the rear axle of the truck. She had appearantly rode there all the way from the house.
They decided to keep her and brought her home. I wanted to name her Axle but was outvoted and she became known as Samantha, Sammy for short.

What a wonderful cat she was, loved to play with me and would follow me around the house, jumping up onto the furniture and taking swipes at me as I passed.  In her early years she spent some time out doors, usually when we were out in the yard. No dog would take a stand against her and she chased numerous ones out of the yard.

As she got older she remained in the house and was definitely my cat. She would lay on the arm of the chair near me and would come in the bathroom when I was in there as a captive audience and demand her "potty petting". She would also walk around the rim of the bathtub when I was taking a bath, only falling in once.

Recently she had been losing weight and eventually stopped eating. Today Rin took her to the vet and found she was in renal failure and need to be euthanized.

She has now joined the various rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, another cat, rats and others in the flower bed.

I'll miss you Sammy, you were a wonderful friend.
Rest in peace my axle cat.