Sunday, December 28, 2008

Under Construction
Agent 99's cabin on Trafalmadore

As the project nears completion it is time to take a look back at the progress of the rehabilitation of the wilderness cabin on the planet Trafalmadore.

The cabin at the start of renovation.

At first it was thought a new door and windows would be all that was needed, however as such projects go, much was to be learned about aged buildings.

Nighttime view from the cabin.

Agent BB2 ponders the project as the work is about to begin.

Agent DLC was at first enlisted to deliver the materials for the reconstruction, however as usual he made a complete ass of himself...

so other more costly measures had to be taken.

The Trafalmadorians were a big help in the construction. Although hideous to look at, they are actually very kind, peace loving characters.

Due to the proximity of Saturn and its strong magnetic fields interacting with the solar wind, static electricity is a constant problem, the solution to which is still being explored.

First on the list of amenities was a new front door.
(The color scheme has yet to be confirmed.)

Then the old bathtub...

was replaced with a fine new soaker.

The sleeping loft was refurbished.

A new sauna and hot tub complete the on-site project...

while nearby a vertical farm is nearing completion...

as is a new spaceport for CONTROL's intergalactic shuttle...

piloted by Jean Luc Picard.

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