Thursday, January 07, 2010

Whale Wars

On January 5th the Japanese security ship Shonan Maru No. 2 intentionally rammed the Ady Gil, a high tech, carbon fiber, trimaran belonging to the Sea Shepherd Society. The Ady Gil was accompanying the Bob Barker, the Sea Shepherd's new ship.

The Sea Shepherds, on their annual campaign to stop the Japanese from whaling in the *** whale preserve in persuit of the Japanese whaling vessel the Nisshin Maru. The Japanese are taking whales under the guise of research - a loophole in the treaty.

The Japanese whalers claim that the Ady Gil caused the collision and offered this video as evidence.

But in the following video from the Bob Barker it can be clearly seen that the Shonan Maru made two course corrections to aim at the Ady Gil just prior to the collision.


The Sea Shepherd Society

Aby Gil the boats designer has pledge to rebuild the boat which bears his namesake.

On 1/8/2010 at 17:20 (GMT) the last known position of the Ady Gil was reported to the Australian Rescue Coordination Center, as it was sinking and would pose a navigational hazard for several more hours. Fortunately, all fuel and lubricants had been removed form the Ady Gil hours earlier.



  1. I don't buy the argument that a ship that large can turn fast. I saw only one turn after the collision. A large ship can not stop or turn fast. The Trimaran was the more agile boat. The Sea Shepherd people tend to be provocative for their cause and that history must be taken into account when making a conclusion.

  2. I agree, a large ship can not turn fast, yet this ship makes some amazing maneuvers. Watch closely - at first it is coming straight at the camera, you can't see either side of the ship. There is a fairly large lateral separation between the two craft. At 8 seconds the ship makes a radical turn to starboard, the port side comes clearly into view. Then at 15 seconds, had they continued their turn to starboard, they could easily have avoided the collision. Instead then then turn to port at 19 seconds ultimately striking the Ady Gil.
    This was intentional!

    While I agree Steve Irwin and crew are provocative and I question some of their methods, his cause is admirable, much needed since no one else is enforcing the rules and stopping the slaughter. I applaud his work and wish him well.

  3. All you people on the sea shepherd need to get a fucking life!

  4. They have a life dedicated to protecting the whales from poaching in a wildlife refuge under the guise of "Research"!

  5. the sea shepherds need to be more aggressive hell they have a helicopter use the damn thing for more than spotting hell drop the shit down from it and you'll get better results!!!!!
    and another thing fuck them japanese whalers they wanna eat whales they need to go raise them in huge fucking aquariums not enter the sanctuary and kill them....i hunt and if i went into an animal sanctuary and started killing deer what would happen to me? that's the way i see the whole thing so if you don't agree with the shepherds then talk to the government and have them do their fucking jobs!!

  6. I applaud the Sea Sheppard Society for stepping up to the plate and protecting Marine life!

  7. I just put up a link to a site where you can view the full length episodes on line for free.

    Go to the front page of the lair and you will find it there.

    In time it will roll down the page there, but clicking on one of the tags here and it will take you to the post.

  8. I find it hard to believe that Japan can claim research when they have other ships bring the whales to the main ship to slaughter them..what is going on and why doesn't Alaska do something about it..change the laws..very simple!Research can be done without killing the whales..politics as usual..

  9. Carol,

    This drama is being played out in the seas of Antarctica within the boundaries of a whale preserve.

    I agree 100% with your sentiments, but Alaska has nothing to do with this.

    Aside from the Sea Shepherds the main players are the Australian and Japanese governments.