Sunday, July 03, 2011



  1. You'd think England would be celebrating the loss of us....

  2. You know, that sucker didn't mention the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE even ONCE. I don't think HE knows why it's a holiday.


  3. LOL,

    He sure was pushing the Civil War theory!

  4. Yes, and he really was pushing the victory over King George in the Revolutionary War, too... which led me to wonder if even he knows the date is the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which was the real START of the Revolutionary War.

  5. I had to move my admin on this site to my other account where I'm still extinct. I did it to thwart Google's mistaken idea that I own YOUR site. So, if I come in off a comment email, which I enabled because of the spam sneaking in to old posts, I show up extinct again.

    If I come in off my main account then I'm the nines. I would get fastidious about this, make myself go back over to the main account, but fuck it. Variety is more entertaining anyway.

    Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I can imagine scenarios where they might boot you off your own blog because of their stupid ideas about me owning it, or you might be held responsible for some "nefarious" speech by me elsewhere, and I want to nip that in the bud.

    They could throw you into a bottomless torture chamber, trying to get the goods on me, Agent DLC, the senile old fuck would not save you. He would contribute! So I just did what I could to spare you all that.

  6. NONE of this would be nearly as convoluted if you but paid attention to your blog and your email, but you are AWOL frequently... too laid back... and that never fails to incite my resident busybody.

    When I am an ascended buddha, this will finally heal.

  7. IF, that is, that day ever comes....

  8. if you but paid attention to ... your email,


    If you mean changing the identity stuff - I saw that, otherwise I've not seen anything else.

  9. I mean, I'm imagining you don't have this blog set to notify you of comments because you don't look at your email often enough, or don't want more. That means you don't catch a lot of the spam comments.

    I do.

    So I set it to notify ME, in my extinct mode, rather than in my nines mode, when new comments come in, so I can nail those bastards whenever they try to poop on older posts. I can't have this blog on my nines mode without Google deciding I own YOUR blog. The men in black could show up at your door one day on that account!

    So I'm trying to be altruistic, helpful, obsessive about spam, and generally useful without stepping on any of the multifarious cyber mines planted out there to thwart me!

    It took you 48 hours to find these comments... which indicates to me YOU HAVE A LIFE and ignore things like this sometimes. I'd advise you to boot me off this blog, but then you'd probably have to listen to me wailing about typos or spam, and that would probably be worse! :-P

  10. No, I don't have it set to notify me of comments so I guess I'm missing all the sweeping, scrubbing and disinfecting you are doing here.
    For that I apologize and will certainly keep you around!