Monday, January 15, 2007

Changing Perspectives

by Bluebear2

Sacramento Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 11/29/01.

Within moments of the events of 9/11/2001, the people of this country united in a surge of nationalism. Flags came out everywhere. Doorsteps, car antennas, advertising, clothes, key chains, mailboxes, fence posts. We were united to the cause of defeating those who had done this awful thing. Our government claimed to be on top of everything and let us know within hours exactly who had done this and why. They were going to track them down and bring them to justice. They declared war on terrorism. The very unpopular appointed President's approval ratings soared to 80%.

It was Osama; al-Qaeda, a bunch of Muslims, did it; Saddam was in on it too (and he had weapons of mass destruction just waiting to be used on us over here!); they hated our Freedom (and would do anything to take it away from us!). First we must go to Afghanistan, take out the Taliban for harboring Osama, then quickly on to Iraq before he can turn that yellowcake into nukes, and before he can break out his stash of WMD to unleash on us.

Then with Shock and Awe we watched as our air force dropped bombs and rockets, distant shots of explosions. Cool videos of missiles approaching and demolishing their targets! Chunks of concrete flying in the air! Flames and smoke! Helicopters and jets swooping and firing! All the action we could ever want from the best that Hollywood could ever produce in a movie. On our TVs -- live -- morning, noon and night!

No photos of dead people; no bodies flying through the air; no body parts scattered in the street; no coverage of the flag-draped coffins of our soldiers being shipped home; no photos of soldiers with their legs and parts of their skulls blown off. It was all a warped reality brought to us by our government with the help and blessing of the press.

No asking questions! If you’re not with us, you're one of them!

Now the people are finding out there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction; the yellowcake document was a forgery; the aluminum tubes were not suitable for centrifuges; the mobile chemical weapons labs were trailers for weather balloons; there was no relationship between Saddam and Osama; Osama and al-Qaeda were originally supported by the CIA while fighting with the mujahideen against Russia in Afghanistan. We’re finding out it really all has been about oil, and it isn’t stopping: casualties continue to mount, and the pace is escalating; over 600,000 Iraqis and 3,000 Americans dead; $11 million in contracts with an airline to bring home the dead; new weapons based on microwaves and continuing use of weapons that spray Depleted Uranium everywhere they’re used; infrastructure destroyed; tribal and religious extremists rule the streets in Iraq and Afghanistan; and Iraq has slipped into all out Civil War.

Now the appointed President stands in front of us, with his smug sneer and flipped finger, telling us he is The Decider. And what has he decided? To send even more men into the thrashing machine. The Decider tells us he doesn't even have to listen to the will of Congress. Congress represents the will of the people and is a co-equal branch of the federal government with the administration and the judiciary. He does too have to listen to Congress. The last election was an indictment of this appointed President's actions. The people of this country have spoken.


John Dean has laid out a brilliant path for us to follow. It is a novel approach of starting from the bottom and working our way up to the top. We've mentioned it here before. If you haven't already read it, you must Read John Dean Here! Then pass it on to your friends and relatives.

And, most of all, do as the Beach Impeach people (below) have done -- shout it out to your representatives as loudly as you can!

Ocean Beach San Francisco - Within Nancy Pelosi's District 1/6/07

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