Friday, January 05, 2007

Storm Clouds

by Agent 99

Man, this weight just doesn't drop, no matter how hard it rains. I want to find the biggest font in the galaxy to write NO MORE WAR! No. Maybe just STOP!!! It has to stop. This is completely antithetical to anything we were ever brought up to believe. People say Congress cannot stop * in his filthy war-presidenting -- only defund it and watch him find the money other ways. I don't think that's right. He was given authorization to use force, based on information of imminent danger from weapons of mass destruction. That's been proven false. It no longer applies. It never applied. Forget hassling over making that lie merely a mistake. There is no more even imaginary basis for that authorization.


We are starstuff, all, identical. A drop of seawater. A fleck of Oberon dust. A whisp of Saturn ring. Any human. How much having makes up for the agony inflicted, the fathers, snapped, shrieking in the streets for just a moment's respite from fear?

God. It's so much worse when it is fathers, too. Mothers and children wailing are generic heartbreak, aren't they? A man gone mad with the incessant murder and torture and rape he must stave off to get food for his family, the inability to relax through so much as one little thump from something dropped by a neighbor, endured 24/7/365 for how many years now? And what did he ever do to us? He's living twelve hours ahead of me and he is a spirit hanging on my heart. Some kind of millions of him hanging on my chest because my shopping countrymen can't be turned from their own concerns.

We have a new Congress. I think we have to drive them mad now. And you should bookmark John Dean. He keeps coming up with ways to help get rid of the culprits. Maybe if they will not listen to me, they will listen to him. Maybe if they will not listen to him, they will listen to all of us shrieking in the streets.

I'm writing across the galaxy: I WANT YOU TO GET MAD!!!

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