Friday, September 24, 2010

The Coverup Continues!

More Deepwater Horizon coverage at the Lair



  1. Are you trying to tell me I should have posted that story here?


  2. No, no - I'm working on another post, it will be included there.

    Watch for "I'll have a side of arsenic with that"

    And how the hell do you make those little hearts?

  3. Special characters on my Mac.

  4. Well that didn't work - supposed to be ying-yangs

  5. That's YIN-yang.


    I think it's yer text editor fucking with you. Since the background here is black... the yin-yangs I just put up will probably look funny, but Blogger is usually amazingly good at posting whatever symbols you put directly into it.

  6. I used Wingdings fonts from MS Word. All the characters I tried showed up as a square box with four letters in it. I guess blogger can't translate them.

  7. Use the special characters from your BROWSER, not a word processing program.

  8. Oh ya...

    I guess I would find them in the fonts list - there's like 2,475,234 fonts in that list!

    I don't find anything specifically for characters.

  9. Go to the "Edit" dropdown. Choose "Special Characters"... at the bottom. Choose "Symbols" and then whatever blows yer skirt up. Miscellaneous has a bunch of stuff. I just tried this in my Firefox browser, so it should work for you too. If it's not there, this is another way Bill Gates has ruined your life.

  10. Fuck Bill Gates!

    It's not there, he has ruined my life!!!

    Or do you have an add on for it perhaps?

  11. I chose a custom theme to emulate Safari. Foxdee? Maybe it comes with the theme?

  12. But it may be something that only shows up if yer OS has the special characters. I could, theoretically, just standard, no downloads, write something in any language there is on this puppy or fool around for hours trying to come up with one of those special punctuation "drawings" people do when the software will let them....

    I could decide to become a Sanskrit scholar and blog in Sanskrit from now on....

    I could get MUCH more colorful in my expression....

    That fucker Gates is the richest man they will tell you about and he GOT that way by fucking with you all these years.