Saturday, September 11, 2010

On Specificity

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller


  1. Yup - I've seen that.

    And this morning the Sacto Bee ran nearly a full page of how there was little impact from the spill with lots of feel good reports of new grasses sprouting through the slime and fewer dead bird carcasses than had been predicted and on and on...

    I only read enough to start screaming at them - perhaps tonight I'll bite the bullet and finish the article. (Provided it hasn't been relinquished to the bottom of the guinea pig cage)

    They did conclude with the phrase " far."

  2. Back to gps when ever some one us it to find my place the end up 1 house to a mile away. It gets a little lost in rural area were I'm at.

  3. My wife and friend went to a concert in San Francisco and were driving across the Bay Bridge. When they entered the section with the steel structure overhead her GPS blurted out "I have absolutely no idea where I am". My wife and friend were laughing so hard they nearly crashed!