Friday, December 24, 2010



  1. LOL...

    I guess I grabbed someone's play list - I didn't realize those other videos were there at the bottom when the video ends.

    Poor ducks - OMG!

  2. It just makes me cry and cry to see people in the midst of so much ugliness get up and do something beautiful. There should be NOTHING unusual about this video.

    You didn't get a playlist. You forgot to check not to include related videos. So. Well. Ducklings being buffeted by the wind being something to make me cry even harder, I went and fixed the code for you.

    I hope you are having a marvelous holiday with your family and friends.


  3. The video affected me the same way - tears of joy.

    When I showed to Rin her reaction was - ya, so?


    It seems the ducklings were OK, but they sure must have been dizzy!

  4. Ducks have so many babies because they lose so many to predation and depredation. Beside being so vulnerable to things like the wind, all manner of critters find them tasty, down and all. On top of THAT, drakes will come cruisin' for babes and kill the ducklings, drown them, to erase the last guy's DNA. It's horrifying. Even when you think you have them perfectly protected, the drakes still get them. I totally love ducks, but can't keep them because I go batshit crazy trying to keep them safe.

  5. to erase the last guy's DNA

    How pretentious!

  6. ROFLMAO... I never THOUGHT of it that way!