Friday, December 31, 2010

Smears and Misconceptions

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  1. They are not afraid of us finding out their secrets.

    They are afraid of what we might do, once we know their secrets.

  2. They have everyone so lobotomized I wonder if anything would happen! In the US anyway. Europe already is stirring over their government's malfeasance.

  3. Austerity came to the EU with a bang.

    They will bring it here a nickel and a dime at a time.
    Until the inevitable happens.

    Now that the Obama tax cuts are in place. They will want to make them permanent.
    Then they will want to pay for them.
    Cut, cut, cut, all social programs.
    Soc.Sec.and Medi-care will also be targets.
    States will start declaring bankruptcy.
    This is all by design.

  4. Nice to see Alternet putting up such a good piece. I'm tired of objecting to almost everything they publish. But it's odd they won't publish DeGraw anymore for being too radical and yet come out in defense of someone far more radical. I ain't gripin' about it. I'm just musing.