Friday, January 07, 2011

maybe we oughta be on the republicans' side?

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  1. Single payer - get rid of the middle men, reign in the drug companies!

  2. Well, I'm with you, buddy, but... well... hell. I think the best we can hope for until after the revolution is that they at least rip out the mandatory coverage shit so it goes back to the merely apocalyptically awful it was BEFORE Obama got his hands on it.

    I saw a headline slide past yesterday about how repealing that shit was going to make the deficit worse somehow, which MEANS there is now political cover for the Republican-Fascists to stick with what the Democratic-Fascists put in. It's been theater all along, and I'm sorry to report that I can too well understand how our desire to have a lucid and humane healthcare system got turned into a psychotic and feudal healthcare system.

    Life and health for the oligarchs and death and disease for the peons.

    Hint: WE'RE peons.