Saturday, January 29, 2011

Revolution in Egypt

Cell phone service and internet connections have all been shut down to hide what is going on. Reports filtering out speak of police using live rounds of ammunition against the citizens and of the army joining forces with the citizens. The true extent of the situation remains to be seen.

Live coverage here.

Agent 99 has been following the developments here.


  1. I've been doing this split-shift sleeping thing to try to keep a bead on events in Egypt. The streets there don't seem to be filling up until around 11am their time, which means 1am our time. This Mubarak fucker is grossing me out pretty badly. I'm sure SOME of the looting has been done by desperate pinheads just aching to get their hands on any money at all, but it seems, really, that the disappeared police forces today merely took off their uniforms and started looting to discredit the uprising. The protestors have been QUICK to form security committees and road blocks to prevent the looting. It seems to be working pretty well. Meanwhile, that fat fuck has not abdicated. A bunch of his wealthy cronies have lit out for Europe, but he's hunkering down.

    I don't know for sure, but I feel that if he is not out by tomorrow, the military will take him out. Notwithstanding his appointment of military commanders to high government positions, the rank and file seems RESOLUTELY in sympathy with the demonstrators.

  2. Does anybody know where he is? From what I've seen his family has fled and his whereabouts is unknown.

  3. I think everyone is ASSUMING he's holed up in the presidential palace. I don't know if the images of him swearing in his bogus vice president and prime minister are recognizably in Egypt or not. So I'm still not quite sure he's actually still in Egypt. Almost everyone of any stature [wealth] has bugged out. Mubarak's kid went first.