Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mars Rover Opportunity Still Rolling Along

After after a 21-month journey to "Victoria Crater" NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity is perched on the edge of a crater approximately five times wider than "Endurance" the previous stadium-sized crater it studied for half a year.

The first images show rugged walls with layers of exposed rock and a floor blanketed with dunes.

Planned as a 90 day mission Opportunity has now been exploring Mars since January 2004. So far it has covered nearly six miles of terrain, making many stops along the way to examine various rocks and outcroppings.

More on this news at NASA Press Release 9/27/06

Total coverage of all the Mars missions and links to photo galleries at:
NASA's Mars Exploration.


  1. I'd like to be on Mars right now.

  2. After last nights news regarding the vote to allow torture, Mars aint even far enough away!