Monday, September 04, 2006

Thanks Steve For Everything You've Done

In memory of Steve Irwin, a great protector of the wild environment in Australia.

A hyper, fun to watch guy who always seemed to be full of excitement while bringing us knowledge and appreciation of wildlife.

Thanks, Steve, for bringing many hours of learning and entertainment to my children.

I am saddened that you are gone, you will be greatly missed!


  1. His whole thing was about defying death, taking risks, what Tim Cahill once referred to as "The First Fear Fandango". Betcha he would tell us not to be sad, because he lived his life the way he wanted. Dying isn't sad when you have that. I feel badly for his wife.

  2. I'll never forget the show where he was swinging like a monkey up through the rafters in the building as he kept talking. I was amazed at his agility.
    I must agree with you in that he died doing something he loved.