Saturday, September 02, 2006

Now I have a Blog!

Now that I have a Blog the question is where will it take me?

Should it be serious?

Should it be silly?


Current events?


A diary?

These are the questions I will have to ponder in the next few hours , or do I just start somewhere and let it flow?

Until then I'll leave you with this:

Spring Flow - Lake Clementine Dam

Photo: Bluebear2


  1. What dam is that BB2? Is it in the Sierra, or what? It looks an awful lot like the one an old boyfriend decided to dive off, right before I had to cart him to the local ER. Think that was the Mokulumne... thirty years ago.... Love, Nora

  2. Hi Nora!

    Lake Clementine Dam - North Fork American River several miles east of Auburn off Foresthill Road.

    A dive off this would not be survivable. It is 155 feet high.

    Years ago some friends walked in behind the falls when it was not much more than a trickle in mid summer. They dove out through the falls and were nearly drowned as they were pinned to the river bottom by the falls.

    The "Towers" on top are about 20-25' tall. The water flowing over the dam in the forground is about 6 feet deep.

    The sound is awesome!

  3. Oh! Sheesh! I'm SENILE! I used to go there sometimes when I lived in Auburn. Duh.

    When I lived in Auburn, I spent all afternoon and evening of every single summer day IN water. The Yuba, the American, Lake Clementine... mostly way up the Yuba above Nevada City, naked. Hate swimsuits, and hate the heat. (Known as Trout Mother to some on account of my billion hours with them in the Yuba.) Love, Nora and Asta

  4. LOL - Heck - I have maybe even seen you there!

    Have only been to the Yuba above Nevada City twice - once to go skinny dipping upstream of the Hwy 49 arched bridge. Stayed too late! It's amazing how dark it gets so fast in the bottom of that canyon! Had to feel our way out in the dark - not fun over those house sized boulders!

    The second time was to see the New Years day flood with the river about 8 feet over the bridge! '97 I think it was.

    Decided to camp at Clementine once years ago. Memorial day weekend. I went up thursday to get a site, had the whole place to myself.
    Friday every idiot and all of their relatives came up and the place turned into a giant insane asylum!
    Dirt bikes, jeeps, three wheel ATVs all racing through the camp site. Stereos blasting all night long. Drunks falling on your tent while you're trying to sleep.

    Nevermore saith the raven nevermore!

    Say hello to Kilgore!

  5. Mr. Trout and I are never far apart. I will give him your regards. Since Nick has died of his penchant for strange food and excessive drink, and 86 may well have fallen to the nefarious KAOS at last, I may be left with but the old doddering Trout. Better pay him more mind.

    Yes, Clementine was a damn zoo. Appalling. I was much more partial to driving Goldie Honda out the dirt tracks way above it. I drove my Prelude on "roads" most 4X4s would shun. I'm a wild one.

    Once, I just stopped at a wide spot way out there in the middle of nowhere and got in my passenger seat to sleep. Was awakened in the middle of the night by the Doors... Jim Morrison BOOMING through the whole of the Sierra... Light My Fire... from the first words to the last, as if GOD was playing his favorite tune, and then silence again. Went right back to sleep. I love it up there. Just not where people are.

    Love, Nora