Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you that day?

I was getting ready for work that morning. Had a very important meeting to propose an energy saving cooling system for a new 540,000 square foot wine transportation warehouse.
The morning news was on the TV and they broke to a national feed about the first tower having been hit. The reporters were making many stupid comments about how the Air Traffic Controllers must be having a problem etc., speculating what kind of plane it was.
Then the second plane hit. I knew then that it was not some accident.
I stayed as long as I could and turned on the car radio to listen on my way to the meeting.
I caught a few minutes of TV in the break room when I arrived at the wine company's office.
The meeting was brief and everyone agreed to postpone it for a week.
Upon arriving at my office I found out the towers had collapsed and the pentagon had also been hit. Somewhere in there I heard there were 10 planes they were tracking and other such speculative errors.
On the way home I stopped and bought a small American flag and attached it to the radio antennae on my vehicle and flew it until it shredded away.
As it shredded my feelings went from ones of solidarity to feelings of how our country was being shredded as I watch our government's response by attacking a country, that Bush now admits, had nothing to do with 9/11.


  1. I was at home. I had a bad headache. I was just about to lie down with some ice packs. Then the phone rang. A few seconds later my wife yelled, "Turn on the TV! Something's happening!"

    Something was indeeed happening. My headache got worse and worse all day. For more on my personal reaction to the events of the day, and those that followed, click here.