Sunday, July 11, 2010

As the Gulf Fills With Oil...
Obama Administration Twiddles Its Thumbs

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Who's in Charge?
As an unprecedented amount of oil fouls the Gulf of Mexico, research scientists and ocean experts say the Obama administration's efforts to discover the magnitude of the damage are surprisingly uncoordinated.

If the government's higher estimates are accurate, the BP oil blowout already is the world's worst accidental oil spill ever.

Despite a spill that may already total more than 150 million gallons of oil, however, neither federal officials nor BP has mounted a speedy, focused inquiry to understand its impact.

The result:

-There's no comprehensive strategy for scientific inquiry in the Gulf. Therefore, there's no central system for organizing the research, sharing information or avoiding duplication.

-Two and a half months after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank, little is known about the present location of the plumes of oil and dispersants, where they're heading or how toxic the brew will be to creatures in its path.
[editor's note: this is a leak, not a spill! It will only be a spill when the leak has stopped!]
Shrimpers Poisoned by the Dispersant/Oil Mixture

BP Medical Unit leader first claims they are looking at long term health studies of the Exxon Valdez responders then admits there are no such studies available.

BP and Coast Guard Finally Admit Mysterious Second Pipe in BOP

1,500 square mile Methane dead zone discovered - entire area surveyed so far

Despite concerns that the integrity of the well and BOP are compromised...

BP intends to put a cap on the well to stop 100% of the flow.

My questions regarding that procedure are:
What will they do if they remove that cap and the well pipe and the second pipe, which some reports claim has shot up through the BOP, come shooting out?

Do they know the volume of oil coming out and at what pressure?

If not, how can they be sure they can remove the oil and natural gas fast enough so as not to apply back pressure to the system which we know is already leaking into the rock strata and up through the sea floor?

With pressures estimated by some to be far beyond our technical capabilities, how will they do this?

What will they do in the event of a hurricane or even a storm with high seas?
Oil Slicks reach Miami

Loop Current predicted over leak site by July 15th

Dispersant/Oil mix penetrates cells and organs of organisms swimming through it

No test available for dispersants in sea food - currently the testing is for oil only!

Arsenic levels on the rise in the Gulf

Oil Slick at Mississippi Barrier Islands



  1. I have been hollering "BROKEN GOVERNMENT" steadily, everywhere, for at LEAST a year. THIS is what I'm talking about.

    And it isn't really even a "leak". That term works too hard to mitigate the fullness of it. "Blowout" is the best word to capture a better approximation of the calamity.

    I don't believe this stuff about a new cap that will capture 100% to begin with, which moots the question of the pipe that would blow out in the attempt. I think they're set to do something else entirely and CALL it that. Maybe the nukes thing, or maybe using some of their secret technology they don't want us knowing about EVEN at this big a cost. That probably accounts for the flagrant restraining orders against journalists, too. They need to do this unseen.

    OR they actually WANT this blowout to continue apace... and the ONLY explanation for THAT is that they really ARE space lizards about to blow Planet Earth... in both senses of the term.

  2. I'm appalled at the number of people clinging to fallacy that a nuke would melt the rock and seal the well when every analysis of underground nuclear explosions show that although a hollow glass lined cavern is indeed created it soon collapses since the rock around it has been shattered. I keep hearing it over and over again - melt the rock to seal it! Do some research you idiots! That's not how it works! There must be a pipe within the bore, the pipe needs to be crushed. It is in dispute whether or not there is a pipe left down there - no pipe, no seal.

  3. Well there's definitely pipe down a certain amount of the way. They could be aiming at that... OR the glass ONLY needs to hold long enough for the special cement to cap what's left of the bore hole. So it is NOT completely out of the question. It's just dangerous as fuck.

    It MIGHT well and truly be our only chance. So, if it comes to that, or if it has come to that, try to hold out a ray of hope that SOMEONE with real intelligence has been on it.

  4. Plus, I think everyone talking about the glass bubble is getting it from Michio Kaku, and HE is talking old fashioned underground tests of old fashioned nuclear BOMBS. They're talking, I think, further into the mantle AND miniature directed nuclear devices, FAR less blast radius, FAR less perturbation of the surrounding strata. NOT safe by any stretch, but NOT the outright suicide it seems from Kaku's scenario.

    He's old. He's been Mr. Popularizing Science guy and jacking off with String Theory. He's no longer an expert on this. For real.

  5. What is MANDATORY to stopping this blowout for good is stopping the flow long enough to get the cement to set. It only needs less than a day to get set enough to keep the thing from blowing sky high again.

    UNLESS they fuck it up. UNLESS there's far more trouble down there than we already have been able to discern probably is down there.