Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sixth Great Extinction

                   [click photo]

The Sixth Great Extinction is just around the corner.

Hedge your bets, will it be by the Death of the oceans?
or will it be beat to the punch by a Mega-Volcano
or by an Asteroid Impact?



  1. Okay, you messed up the last link, but in fixing it for you I find it is the same as the image link and I have no clue if that was your intention. So?

    It's looking as though some pretty high numbers of us are going to be going extinct in the next few years, even if Yellowstone keeps its powder dry and the asteroid misses us. I think if we stopped all the cataclysmically bad things we are doing right now, and switched immediately to improving things instead of killing them, we would still suffer a bad die-off.

    The links for downloading a REALLY IMPORTANT Derrick Jensen lecture are HERE and I cannot stress enough how badly everybody needs to listen to it... MORE than once.

  2. And, actually, yes, it was the FIRST thing I thought of.... Extinction cannot be far off! In fact, I can't BELIEVE we actually made it THIS long. I think we must all be the nightmare of a comatose god. It's the only thing that explains it.

  3. I just fixed the photo link - when I posted this Blogger did some weird things - it posted a previous version of my edits and then didn't want to let me change it when I went to edit it again. It kept telling me I had unsaved edits and asked if I really wanted to leave the page.
    When I said yes it posted what I thought was the correct version, but only half of me second edits were kept.

  4. it was the FIRST thing I thought of....

    Simple, just play a tape of a Harley as the drive down the road.

  5. Having borne the brunt of the Sunday Putt on Highway One for too many years, I can ASSURE you that NOT EVEN THE BLIND would want ANY part of that solution.


  6. Years ago, when I first arrived in Sacramento I hung around a bar which was frequented by a biker club. I got to be friends with a couple who seemed much more hippie than biker to me. I'd shoot pool with him and she made me her "pet hippie".

    He had just replaced the motor on his bike after doing some work on it and drove it to the bar. He hadn't yet put on the exhaust pipe - just flames shooting out the side of the motor!

    We stood outside as he left to drive it home - heard him all the way until he shut it off at home - 5 miles away!

  7. I can WELL believe it. They were at least a half a mile from me at their closest point, across the Bolinas Lagoon, and it sounded like they were in my BEDROOM. EVERY fucking Sunday, like church. In the rain. It was horrific.