Monday, July 19, 2010


UPDATED 7/20/10 - See below

As of last Thursday BP claims to have plugged the leaking well. This could be good news except have they really stopped it?

According to oil industry insider and former energy adviser to President George W. Bush there is in fact another massive hole seven miles from the BP leak which is pouring up to 150,000 barrels per day into the gulf: VIDEO LINK

Also there is evidence of leaks from a fracture in the sea floor: VIDEO LINK

This article postulates that all of this is in fact a calculated attempt by BP to limit its liabilities by hiding the real damage done through the use of dispersants as well as keeping reporters and scientists away from the spill and subsequently polluted areas:

BP’s Strategy to Limit Liability in Regard to Its Gulf Oil Gusher

This strategy includes, but is not limited to, intentionally underestimating the rate of flow of oil that’s being released into the Gulf of Mexico, prohibiting independent measurement of the BP oil gusher by unbiased third party scientists and engineers, the excessive and unprecedented use of dispersants (both on the surface and underwater), systematically and intentionally collecting as small an amount of oil as possible from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and controlling and restricting media access to the areas affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil gusher.


As McClatchy has reported, it’s been obvious from the start that BP has looked at the oil spill through the lens of legal risk, not
reputational risk – BP moved quickly to hire all the best oil spill experts, to make sure they couldn’t testify against the company in coming litigation. They’re not really concerned about the truth; they’re more concerned about ensuring the complete destruction of the proof!
In fact BP as launched a program of buying up scientists to work on their defense team: VIDEO LINK

And what of the dispersants, what are the consequences of their use? VIDEO LINK

Now today we hear of a new strategy supposedly to seal the well which they call a Static Kill.

But what is the motive in that maneuver?

Kenneth Feinberg, who manages BP's 20-billion-dollar compensation fund, said capping the well would allow compensation claims to move forward more quickly as the extent of the damage becomes clearer.

He urged fishermen, oyster collectors and hotel owners and other businesses to come forward with claims, including emergency payments to cover the first six months of damages.

Residents face a tough choice: whether to accept compensation from the fund or pursue legal action against BP or the other companies involved.

"I'll be much more generous than any court will be, and at the same time you won't need to pay lawyers' costs," urged Feinberg.

"I'll be much more generous than any court will be..."

Give me a break, so far the payouts they have given equal little more than $3,000 per claim!
The company said it has made payments totaling $207 million to settle claims for damages. Almost 116,000 claims have been submitted and more than 67,500 payments have been made.

The Gulf way of life and culture are being destroyed and taken over by a Police State run by BP. Video Link

If the cork holds, if the sea floor doesn't blow out, if, if, if, this is one small victory, but the damage is done, BP has put up a smoke screen, and with the full cooperation of the US Government and the National Gaurd is hiding its true liabilities and quite literally getting away with murder!

UPDATE 7/10/20:

EPA Whistleblower Accuses Agency of Covering Up Effects of Dispersant in BP Oil Spill Cleanup

BP trying to legally ‘contaminate’ Gulf scientists: report

Gulf oil disaster could destroy over 100,000 jobs

Oil-spill victims on Grand Isle post protest

BP Oil Poisons the Gulf of Mexico's Food Chain



  1. Good work man!

    Now if we can just find people squealing about that other huge blowout. I'm trolling the space lizard sites to find something. I, of course, USED to have it... like ON THE DAY... but they ripped that all off the tubes.

    Maybe it'll be the thing that FINALLY ignites the revolution. If people can stay asleep through this... what? We learn to build igloos? Colonize the moon?

  2. Bill Ryan mp3... hour and a half... talking about how the alternative community has gotten a bunch of bad information and about what the REALLY bad parts are. Pretty much in accord with where I fall down on this... it's the TOXINS, the GENOCIDAL greed, even more than the blowout itself... which he strongly believes will be history soon... and I'm, of course, hoping he's right, but not sure yet about his sources either.

    I'm loath to ignore that panicked wailing from Simmons on MSNBC. I cannot think of a reason on earth the guy would DO that if it were not true, or substantially true. Ryan says it isn't. Ryan isn't an expert and Simmons is... which doesn't make Ryan wrong, just needing to be checked.

  3. Well, he doesn't say anything he didn't say in the much shorter video presentation, and goes on at length about the quality of information in the alternative media... gets boring, bogged down in groping for ways not to be insulting and still dis a bunch of information sources.

    He's basing his relief about all this on reading all the threads at The Oil Drum. I have stopped reading them because the posts are often suspicious to me and the comments go on forever, with huge amounts of bullshit to wade through.

    So he's trying to be a scientifically-acceptable space lizard researcher and I think he may be putting too much trust in strangers' CVs and PhDs... which, as we've been seeing, VERY often actually means "authoritatively dead wrong".

  4. Jesus. Riki Ott.... I am filling with wrath out of HOW MUCH raw data we must sift through to try to get to the core of ANYTHING anymore.


    I think I just blew a cork. I think I'm going to run naked into the trees now. Go postal on the ferns and moss. Lash myself to a burl and resist rescue.

    There's way more. Waaaaaay more.

  5. Everyone's calling Matthew Simmons daft... I can't figure out what to believe. I can't figure out WHAT would make him insist like this if it were not true. If he was as crazy as it would take to keep insisting when everyone else was insisting otherwise, he'd not sound as lucid as he does. Everyone else seems to be basing their thoughts on the video being of the top of the BOP. What if it ISN'T. They say the BOP is the size of a five-storey building! The video didn't look as though it were trained on the top of something that tall. It looked MUCH shorter.


  6. When'd ya sneak that one in?

    What is bothering me about Simmons is his statement that at the "gaping hole" the well casing was blown up through the BOP, yet at the BP BOP the extra well casing was found inside of the BOP. So is he confused?

    The only other leak I can find addressed is at the Ocean Saratoga - supposedly a smaller leak.

    That is, of course until today after the barge knocked the top off of another well.

  7. I think his position is that we are NOT seeing the real BOP and the story we've been getting is bullshit. It very well COULD be that we've been getting solid disinformation straight along, the streaming video of the blowout pure theater, and this guy is the only one who will open his mouth about it... OR he's gone 'round the bend... and, really, WHO could hold THAT against him? Nobody. That's who.