Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Let's Get Together

Non Sequitur by Wiley


  1. It is too late.
    [TPTB] have programmed us well.
    As long as there is childish inner fighting this country will remain stagnant. While the Masters of War, and the Corps keep the Kleptocracy afloat. This has been their goal all along.
    We have become an incompetent, and dysfunctional society.

    Only a MAJOR breakdown will unite this country.

  2. THANK YOU, BB2!

    RZ, I think you mean they've programmed you well.

  3. America is actually beyond the point where most populations do this, and if we stop carrying our stupid partisan banners and put our heads together we might prevent it getting this bad for everyone on earth. ALL it takes is to do exactly as suggested in this cartoon, and oceans of suffering can be relieved and untold suffering averted.

    WE decide not to be childish and incompetent and dysfunctional, and, poof, it's over. The power is only with the plutocrats because WE let them have it. WE can take it away if we stop making excuses, campaigning against each other, and reach out to each other.

    We can argue the politics of lifestyle shit AFTER we've stopped the menace to all living things.

  4. 99:
    I can assure you that they have not [programmed] me on bit.