Thursday, May 06, 2010

Net Neutrality
Is There Hope After-all?
Or is it an Illusion?

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What a difference a day makes. Earlier this week the net neutrality troops were wringing their hands at reports that the Federal Communications Commission planned to throw in the towel on the Open Internet—abandoning any effort to reclassify ISPs as common carriers, following a Federal court's overthrow of the agency's Order against Comcast.

But now it's all smiles in response to Wall Street Journal and Washington Post stories indicating that, quite the contrary, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski plans to take something like that route.


  1. Helluvalotta "might"s in that piece! Starts to remind me of the public option in the health insurance reform bill. Sorta reminds me of the bailouts too and other things the public vehemently opposes. They immediately pull back and deflate our ire, then throw in a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and legalistic sleight of hand, throw a little salt over their shoulders and go ahead and fuck us.

    I toadally have this "hope" thing figgered out....

    Could be Genghis Yoo knows this would be the straw that broke his base for good, though... I guess. But if we're going off the pattern that has been laid down and etched deeply onto our butts, the money guys will prevail. They'll just open up a whole new whore house, a regulatory capture bacchanal, and it will be a not neutral net called Net Neutrality.

  2. I changed the title to better portray the inclusion of a million "might"s