Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"Let's stop and take a look from a diffrent perspective
we're blinded by our ignorance our minds are infected
you'd think id be happy that Barack Obama was elected
but im not stupid i know the illuminati are connected

thats a statement to make so let me go through the basics
we're still mental slaves we're just not seeing the slave ships
because they do it in a way that rarley leaves questions
belive every word they say or you'll get sectioned

we're threatend by religion but creation holds a mystery
the storys of the messiah was re-written through out histrory

which ever scripture you follow the koran or the bible
its just a diffrent way for them to lock you down in a cycle
but me i set my own path out for survival
no way im handing my life over to these false idols
weather its Allah, Jehova or Jesus Christ
I'll turn cold on the subject just like a peice of ice

once i was christian, had faith in my religion
but now my eyes are open and im not told when to listen
so i'll catch fire to the scriptures and all the politicians
because im perfectly aware of their over throwing mission

so let me break it down to you simple and clear
they've got us dangling on strings surrounded by fear
and they've been doing the same things for over hundreds of years
my rap flow is so drastic it will put pain to your ears

you can doubt me all you like saying conspiracys and fiction
but if you read it yourself it dates back to the eygytians
so kids be carefull with what your learning in class
how can histroy be histroy unless you go to the past
anything can be looked on re-writ then be put in a pad
the reality of this world is that its dark and its sad

this is your choice to except but if you dont then its a shame
but for me theres still a few unanswered things in my brain
like how the crash of the pentogon left no trace of a plane
the truth of 911 is still yet to be explained

you see the unanswered questions could just go on for hours
like why were there already bombs in the twin towers?
because going to war with iraq would help them gain power
and only money, pain and blood is what they devour

im aware of the system so my mind is speed racing
i'll pay a aids infected crackhead to rape a free mason

no way will they ever break me, myself and i
subliminal messages they always try and hide
like the dollar bill covered with the all seeing eye

bin laden was put through bush's training academy
and nazi blood runs through the whole royal family
im banging on the locks wid a hammer and an allen key
it stress's me till i itch like i've got a allergy

unfortunitly this song iv'e made is far from a soulotion
away from all the dirt and grime and all of the poulotion
but to prepare yourself for the day of the reviloution

i can gurantee for sure that this day is on its way
and if we all stand strong we can make them fucking pay
there are fema consontration camps all over the states
that will be soon more worse off than guantanamo bay

they're hungry for control and they're looking desperately
for the new world order spreading just like leprosy
looking around everyday yeah it vex's me
watching the blind lead the blind right next to me

some may struggle to understand or to agree
but the heat to what i say is to the highest degree
because the fires burning in your mind burning your dreams
so be more open minded so your thoughts can be free"


  1. WOW !!! That was far out.
    Excellent. Better get a copy right on that real quick.

  2. I really don't care for rap,

    but this is great!

  3. Rap to the tune of Love Story! OMG!