Saturday, May 15, 2010

public service announcement


This is the climate bill we've been looking for....



  1. Looks like Comcast is throttling my speed again.
    Currently testing at 191.00kbps.
    Supposed to be 1,500kbps!

    I can't even come close to watching this video!


  2. Oh, the suckitude of Comcast! Of corporations at all!

    Basically, though, the cable companies always pick weekends to fuck with their equipment so that their CORPORATE customers don't get chuffed at them for fucking them up during the workweek.

    It's a PLOT to drive us all batshit crazy!

    It worked!

  3. Getting 1,245kbps when not running the video, drops to 190kbps with video running.

    Usually running a video at the same time as the test makes little difference.

  4. And their VOIP service is useless. I have to reset the modem every time I want to use the house phone. They run tests from their end and claim there is no problem.

    Fuck ya, come here and try to get a dial tone!

    They conveniently display on the TV screen who is calling, but it don't mean a shit since the phone is dead when you try to pick up the call!

  5. It's about Kerry and Lieberman's fascist American Power Act. Darth death locks the kid reporters and takes over the broadcast to stump for the corrupt fucks trying to put it over on us. Callow stuff, but, well, I thought, given all the givens, appropriate to the age....

  6. I paused it and left for a while to let it finish loading, then I was able to watch it.

    Memories of the old dial up days!