Saturday, May 29, 2010

To the Gulf of Mexico and ...

An ominous report by Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources warned of the impending disaster resulting from the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico

NOTE: Source is suspect - see comments.



  1. "Luckily" yer link comes from the infamous Sorcha Faal... a doomsday maven... who had me going once on the great Fudd Assassination Attempt story a few years ago... so it is probably heavily on the fabrication side.

  2. I mean, it would be karmic. It would be poetic. I don't want it, but it COMPLETELY satisfies ABSTRACT desire for justice. I just think it would be better to yank these fucks from their positions of power and do whatever is humanly possible to mitigate and clean up. We could bring home all our troops and put THEM on it. Tankers could be emptied and used to suck up the muck. We could burn. We could do a thousand times more than we are doing, and I could just vaporize Mount Hubris for this OBSCENE abdication.

  3. Actually I first found the story here:

    But then found the version which I linked and used it since it had more information.

  4. The source for the page you linked was Sorcha Faal. I imagine the people in Iran have been as eager to believe at least some of the stories as I have been on occasion. This one makes its own kind of sense, but falls short in the idea that it would only be local if it got sucked up into the clouds. No matter which way you slice it, it's apocalyptic stuff. I'm just warning you that this source is notoriously suspect, EVEN to those whose bread and butter it is to spread "conspiracy theories" and "doomsday scenarios" and juicy bits of highly satisfying "intelligence".

  5. Are you saying Sorcha Faal was the link for the presstv site also?

  6. Yes. If you compare the wording, google the people reporting and when, the genesis of it seems to be Sorcha Faal's "research" into it. You will note there is no link to this "dire report" and only a link to an encyclopedia entry regarding the Ministry supposedly issuing it. There is a link to a PDF of one page of not very dire warnings re the toxicity of Corexit.

    Gotta remember the Iranians want to show us as boobs as badly as almost everybody on earth does, and they will be inclined to fall for this. We have to constantly check how badly we want to discredit these fucks because it makes us believe bullshit.

  7. I'll try to look around in the Russian news outlets to see if there's anything about it, but if no one can link to the report, even if it's in Russian, that's a big indication it doesn't exist, but if it were a secret report, the source for the information has to be pretty impeccable and this source ain't that.

  8. You will note there is no link to this "dire report"

    I did try to find something but only came up with other sources quoting the same things.

    the Iranians want to show us as boobs as badly as almost everybody on earth does

    Well that certainly isn't hard, is it!