Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back to Grade School 1950's
A Refresher Course

.Due to current events it is time to travel back and refresh our memories of what do


A Is for Atom Video 14:43

The War Game Video 46:24

The Truth Game Video 1:19:17 (Now complete with final segment)



  1. My dear fellow suffer of senility:

    There are TWELVE videos in The Truth Game and your playlist falls one short. Highly, highly disorienting!


  2. And yer link for A is for Atom was seeeeeeriously disastrously WRONG.... I fixed this for you, but I think you may also be missing a great many of YOUR marbles, and, take it from me, this is no way to walk around in this world. I think we need a spa, or a meditation group, or, well, lobotomy IS the kindest way.

  3. Well then, I don't know what happened to one of the Truth game missing video - I plugged twelve in there, even wrote down the play times to get the total.

    I must fix that post-haste.

    And the atom link - WTF?

  4. There - the last nine or so minutes have now been added to the playlist.

    Sheesh - made it all the way to the end and forgot to save the conclusion!

    Super-sized marble blender in action!

  5. Dude. We are pathetic! :-P The powers that be can never be afraid of us if we're this confused!

  6. It's in the water...

    I swear!

    It's in the water!

  7. Or they're slipping ergot rotten rye into our bread!

  8. Nope. It has to be AIRBORNE! I only drink distilled water and I only eat whole grain bread. It's the damn air! Or... drumroll... the dreaded Stupid Ray machine is aimed at us! You've heard of Active Denial, I know. Well, little-known fact, the full appellation is ACTIVE DENIAL OF SYNAPTIC ORDER. We are SO fucked.

  9. Don't panic! For Godsakes don't panic! Yer lizard brain will be fine just as soon as the baby agents get the signal and come with the stuff.