Sunday, August 15, 2010

WTF Is Going On?

This is unreal! At first I thought it was a changing camera angle, until the floor dropped. Upon a second viewing it is obvious it is not the camera angle. The ROV on the left remains stationary as does the the other probe on the right. Only the seafloor changes.

Days After Tar Balls Hit New York Beach Massive Fish Kills Stretch From New Jersey to Massachusetts

Tar balls in New York? Looks like this animation was right on the mark!

So it is capped - right? Guess again:

Static Kill - Fail

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  1. It has been postulated that this is an optical illusion because the camera is affixed immovably to the ROV, that it was the ROV moving and not the sea floor. I don't see exactly how that accounts for quite so much in the way of black clouds, but that is the story the debunkers are using.

  2. I've been trying to figure that out as well. Did the rover squat down then jump up? ???

  3. Part of me thinks that's GOT to be it, and the arm supposedly punching into the ground did in fact sink deeper when the seabed appeared to rise. So they MAY have done some maneuver where they set the arm on the seabed and punch it down by use of the whole mechanism with the arm rigid, but that seems pretty damn weird. So. We just can't tell anymore.

    I think if no one had narrated that video for me my interpretation would have been that the arm was injecting an explosive charge of some sort... some effort to seal leaks right at the seabed level. That's what I'd have made of the video with no voice over and no counter argument from those who wish to tamp down any "conspiratorial" hysteria.

  4. After watching several more times, rocking the video back and forth, I'm leaning towards the ROV moving, not the seafloor.

    As for the turbulence?????

  5. Not having any idea of the physical construct of the ROV, I don't think we could ever say one way or the other with confidence which moved, or if it wasn't a combination, or even some weird optical wrinkle from an undersea shock wave. I could have been an earthquake! Many of them make the ground move just like ripples in a pond. This video, I find, is a modern-day koan, able to spill out the contents of our own minds onto the keyboards in front of us, so we can see them.

    All I know is that this is a cataclysm of spectacular proportions. We are being cut out of any reliable knowledge of it, again forced to try to wade through the processes of discerning for ourselves the credibility of those trying to address the issue anyway, and there isn't anyone I could kill to make this horrific burden go away.

    When leadership ceases to act in good faith, EVERYTHING goes to shit. This has been known for MILLENNIA and look where we are.

  6. The turbulence, I think, is what put most on the side of it being a stationary camera affixed to the ROV, declaring it ROV movement, an optical illusion. But that was a pretty hard plop down into the silt if that is the case, and WHAT would have been the purpose of THAT?

    Plus, it looked to ME as though we were seeing some pretty active seepage there and nobody seems to be paying attention to that because of the optics with the seafloor.