Tuesday, August 03, 2010

You're Doing One Heck of a Job BP!

Now BP wants to scale back the cleanup, but as shrimper ERIC ABAIR points out

We've got way too much oil in the Gulf not accounted for, and basically the way we feel out here, until it's all gone in the Gulf, nothing should be cut back.

What BP and US Government Don't Want You to Know - Democracy NOW!

More Deepwater Horizon coverage at the Lair



  1. It's just despicable from start to finish.

    Did they truck the crabs in after they dumped all that sand on top of their insult to the island? I think that's pretty much gotta be the case because WHERE would those crabs have come from otherwise?

    Line them up and shoot them.

  2. They have nutted up. They're literally erasing this from public view in every conceivable way. They are exponentially worse than the scariest serial killers imagined in the movies. I am sputtering with rage over this. Don't let my disinclination to run around after it convince you I don't care.

  3. All the cheery declarations of 75% OF THE OIL IS GONE

    Gone where?!


  4. I just realized I forgot one picture I meant to insert - something to do tonight.

  5. Have I mentioned how much I hate these people lately?