Monday, June 14, 2010

BP Hiding Damage and Destroying Evidence

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  1. No, shit, stuff is disappearing from servers! That's why I popped a cork last night. I have been warning that information is EASIER to disappear on the internet than in analog space, and this shit is PROOF. They are making it so NO ONE can say anything cogent, anything REAL, about this, except them... and they WON'T.

  2. AND the disappearing acts of crucial bits of information and news items has accelerated INSANELY since Obama got in. I barely happened when Dubya was in.

  3. I've found a number of links which when I try to go back to them they have disappeared.

    I saw one come up this morning at Google News which I was going to send you. I clicked on a different one first and when I went back 30 seconds later it was gone. Searches on the title and subject came up empty.

    It was a trailer for Al Jezeera's Fault Lines show about the oil leak - showing this Thursday

  4. I absolutely wanna go POSTAL when stuff that I cannot FIX comes up like this. My entire being is about FIX BAD THINGS. I better get over it.

  5. Listen to this guy....

    Tell me he doesn't sound MUCH more like he's talking actuality than we've heard from the MSM so far.

    A bunch of videos of flames in the crude blowing out keep getting ripped down from YouTube. We've all seen flaming methane tapwater in PA. I've seen a bunch of pictures of ships above the spill with huge flaming plumes from burning the methane coming up. The sucker had been given a temporary cement cap a few months before. The DH had only started back drilling there a couple months before. They were in the midst of trying to temporarily cap it AGAIN... for UNSPECIFIED reasons... there's no stopping this sucker... short of a nuke... and maybe NOT with a nuke since the rock there doesn't seem to be thick enough to handle this pressure.


  6. A bunch of videos of flames in the crude blowing out

    Every time that people at the channel 5 chat start claiming flames under water what I see is climpses of the tophat device through the oil plume - if you study it real hard, stare at it and disregard the plume, you will see the shape of it doesn't change.

    I see no way that oil or methane can burn underwater. Water would absorb too much heat for combustion to occur, plus there is no ignition source.

    With the tap water, the methane is coming out of solution and mixing with air in the faucet aeriator. Easily ignited.

    Not only are they burning methane, but they plan to burn the oil soon.

  7. Listen to this guy

    While his assessment of what is going on is more actuality - he is all wet with the nuclear glass sealing the well shtick.

    Everything I've read says that while the rock and whatever around the blast center is turned to glass, the rock strata is severely fractured as well. After a short time the glass gives way and the strata above collapses into the void.

    The Russian blasts worked by exploding them near the well pipe, pushing the solid rock against the pipe and collapsing it.

    The method he suggests would certainly cause tremendous damage.

  8. Not to say the tremendous damage is not currently being done!

  9. Well, right, I agree that the nuke part is too damn sketchy, but the rest of it sounds lucid. The ignition source COULD be the temperatures down there. Or could have been down in the drill. That there was enough heat when it hit the methane. And methane CAN burn under and in water, especially in huge bubbles of it. I only got to see ONE video before it was scrubbed and didn't get to discern if it looked real enough to me. I saw one screen shot of one video that did look real... and this guy is talking about it. AND WE KNOW FROM 9/11 that there wouldn't have been that unstoppable a conflagration at the rig if it were not the methane coming up from the blowout.

    Anyway, THIS is a VERY big part of what has me SO pissed off.

  10. I downloaded a graphic last night that seems to suggest the strata down there take a RADICAL thinning when they get out all the way into the deep water, but it only shows the well DH had just finished and has the wrong depth on it. Even so. Macondo would have been further out, deeper, and well into thin crust land.... I'll email it to you. I have NO idea how reliable it is for anything except giving an indication of why I still think we might be talking about IDIOTS hotdogging their way into the core... or too near it.

  11. The map...

    Did you put in my location, or does it take it from my IP?

  12. I'll have to check the Obummer video later -Rin sleeping in the background and someone has run off with my headphones...

  13. Obama isn't in charge. The oil companies are telling the police and the military what to do.

    Wish it weren't so, but it is.

    Dubya would NEVER had given a speech saying the democratically elected leader of Iran was overthrown in 1953.

    Eric Prince is selling Blackwater and some people think he's going to live in Dubai. Eric Prince would nave never had to go under oath under McCain and certainly didn't under Bush.

    Let's get some perspective here.

    I mean I don't fucking know anything, but I'm not willing to trash the first democratically elected president since Clinton on Tea Party hearsay!

  14. Like I said:

    "I don't fucking know anything"

    I really don't!

    I read and see shit in the media and elsewhere; So does everybody else, which probably means I write shit also.

    Maybe George W. Bush exposed the worst people on earth by intentionally being a dumb ass. Everything is a possibility.

    One thang for sure is that I am totally mind fucked, and It ain't due to any drug I've ever taken!

  15. Drugs I've taken:

    Lots and lots of marijuana since I was 17, but just a smattering since 2004

    Quite a lot of alcohol since I was 52

    A fair amount of cocaine in 1997/98

    Many different and ineffective blood pressure pills since I was thirty

    Very small but influential amounts of psychedelics about 30 to 40 years ago

    A tiny amount of aspirin or other pain relievers

    I am now 58, but very much like being honest. And I'm "in the book."

  16. Yeah, why IS the "oil" red? It's the first positive thing I've heard. Is this a scam?

    I HAVE to believe it is because anything else is pure, unadulterated, death.

  17. BB2, that page uses your IP and I've been going to it a couple times a day for the last few days. It also has the PBS streaming video of the blowout and a gallon/barrel counter. I think much of what people have said were flames is because of the flame-colored background pipe behind the gushing oil... but I was watching last night and a great deal of what was coming out was a similar color, that brick red. The billows seem to be black-to-dark-gray, white-to-silvery and brown-to-brick-red. Sometimes coming in sequence and sometimes all at once, with varying concentrations at varying times.

    The glop on the surface is brick-colored, tending to brown on solid things, like birds and rocks and sand, and redder on the water.

    Larry, if you are going to exert your honesty on attempts at exculpatory sophistry for Obama, after all the heinous shit he's done, don't you think it's about time you started examining what's driving your honesty? If you are on the side of humanity, and I'm supposing you are, there is just FAR too much demanding you drop that action and start spending your energy defending living things. He's a SOCIOPATH. That's as plain as the nose on your face.

  18. The last couple of days there has been much white/silver on the edges of the billows.

    I've been trying to figure out if this is gases or if they are now using a 50/50 proportion of dispersant to oil!

    What leads me to believe it is gases is that there seems to be a surge when it appears as though it were rushing out and expanding.

    The pressure drop from the well pressure to the ocean pressure would cause a rapid expansion of the gas.

    It was such expansion and the associated drop in temperature of the gas as it expands that created the methane hydrate which clogged the original capture device.

  19. Right. I notice the gas expansion thing, too. Only a couple feet out of the pipe and it bursts open. I'm going back and forth on this "flame" or "lava" possible sort of emission. Just when I decide it's the color of the metal behind the blowout, then I start seeing those fucking expansions in the FLAME color, just like what is happening with the white. People keep yelling that flames are impossible under water, and that is WRONG. If it's flammable gas with some sort of ignition source, like heat, you can get "flame" in the gas BECAUSE THERE'S OXYGEN IN THE WATER SURROUNDING THE GAS BUBBLES and maybe even in the mixture coming up. I WAS WATCHING THAT LAST NIGHT. Today it seemed to not be happening anymore and just the white bubble expansion and what looked like gaps in the flow exposing orange metal. Then there for a while this afternoon it looked to me as though there were some sort of welding torch head right next to this action, blowing a stream of orange flame steadily.

    It makes you dizzy after a while.