Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tophat - FAIL

This morning it is claimed that BP is retrieving 6000 barrels (252,000 gallons) through their "Top Hat" device. If the leak were being 100% recovered this figure is in line with the total daily amount we have been told was coming out for the last month or so. As can be seen in this screen shot from around 9:30 AM PDT this morning, most of the oil is still coming out. Estimates range in the neighborhood of 20% of the oil being captured. BP has yet to close vents in the apparatus which were open to facilitate the placement of the device. This would then indicate that the leak is generating 30,000 barrels per day or 1,260,000 gallons per day - much closer to the high end estimates by specialists outside of BP and the Government!

Since the surface sheen estimates are in the 252,000 gallon per day range, this leaves over 1-1/4 million gallons per day drifting in the underwater plumes created through the use of dispersants!

Is New Offshore Drilling Worth It?

               [click chart]

 BP is still using dispersants - the white fluid - to keep the oil from reaching the surface.

Jean-Michel Cousteau regarding the use of dispersants



  1. I wanted to include a Davis Fleetwood video on the leak in this post, however the video was plastered all over with ads for his MySpace and Twitter sites!

    Disgusting - I won't even link it.

    It did, however, give me the link to the Allison Kilkenny piece where I found the chart.

  2. Good.

    Davis has turned into a TOTAL pain in the ass! I ended up having to mark all his emails as spam because he would NOT leave me alone. He's just DESPERATE to make it as an internet personality, someone who makes his living online, and THIS urge is what drives everything he does, NOT a better world. It was hard to watch this unfolding, but I have had to write him off, and I'm glad you are similarly seeing the problem.

    I think he has a gig with Alternet now... owned by VERIZON... so, clearly, he, like so many others, has sold out.

  3. I always enjoyed him in the past and thought of him as an internet personality back then.

    Then he shut his hermit cave down and I gave up on him.

    About a month ago I came across him through a link somewhere and saw he was still around.

    So I decided to look him up to get an opinion on the spill and perhaps a video.

    So Long Davis, was nice back then, but...

  4. Yes. He made a HAIRY deal out of somebody stupid winning some YouTube contest over him, quit, and then started about ten new blogs, waiting about a week for stardom from each before shutting them down, and JUST when we thought we could stop going through changes on his account we started getting six thousand Facebook invites and spammed to a fucking fare-thee-well on his new videos brought to you by Lockhheed Martin.... Pfeh. Good night and good luck.