Friday, June 04, 2010


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  1. The CEO of British Petroleum would say - "So it is a BP chocolate covered duck - you have a problem with that ? Every Easter you see chocolate bunnies and chocolate ducks - kids just love to find them in their Easter Baskets. Let the kids enjoy Easter and let me get my life back." (Fuck the wildlife.)

  2. Sea gull?

    This area is a breeding ground for them and many other birds this time of year, not to mention the sea life.

    If you can bare to look click the photo and see the Brown Pelicans - just off the endangered species list.

    About to be put back on, or extinct!

  3. I think it's a seagull. I want you to move it down the page because I can't look at it. I'm having homicidal urges again today, and there isn't anything I hate more than wanting to tear people limb from limb and stomp them to pulp and then torch the ooze, pour salt on it and then battery acid. I feel certain that they will arrest me and put me in jail if I give in to this hot desire to splatter certain persons thus.

    I think I'm going to have to listen to New Age relaxation tripe for at least a few weeks to even find the direction from whence my Zen flew.

  4. I hear you - I'm sickened to the core.

    My next post will be similar to the first, only focusing on the people that are affected. The fishermen etc.

    If you come across any good links send them to me.


  5. This IS NOT being shown on the evening news!

  6. Whale Wars 3rd season starts tonight!