Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is it Happening Again?

Speculation that a huge methane bubble is growing under the Gulf of Mexico.

The case for Abiotic Oil.



  1. They keep moving the camera around, hard to get a consistent or complete view.

    Right now they are showing an ROV working, not the leak.

  2. Some of the guys that show up from time to time in the channel 5 video chat room are oil workers. This morning they were talking about the BOP having an 11 degree lean to one side. Talked about watching them put an inclinometer on the BOP.

  3. Well, I noticed they are moving the camera, too, but it really looked MUCH worse in this evening's angle from early this afternoon.

    I'm beginning to think they are keeping all the boats from sucking up oil because they know this sucker is going to blow. When the BOP fails completely there will be SO much lethal gas, even if it doesn't sink everything above it immediately, that there's just no point in having more people out on the water. We must not forget that it's impossible for the BOP to hold, that it's only luck however long it stays hampering the flow. After it goes, whatever's left in the drill hole will be immediately blown out and the drill hole itself will then be what gets widened by the pressurized flow of crud and crude.

    We are so fucked.

  4. Weren't we supposed to remember to look for something today?

    What the hell was it?