Sunday, June 06, 2010

Free Gaza, Free Palestine

RogerWatersHimself June 03, 2010 — 25th May 2010

"Over the new year 2009-2010, an international group of 1500 men and women from 42 nations went to Egypt to join a Freedom March to Gaza. They did this to protest the current blockade of Gaza. To protest the fact that the people of Gaza live in a virtual prison. To protest the fact that a year after the terror attack by Israeli armed forces destroyed most of their homes, hospitals, schools, and other public buildings, they have no possibility to rebuild because their borders are closed. The would be Freedom Marchers wanted to peacefully draw attention to the predicament of the Palestinian population of Gaza. The Egyptian government, (funded to the tune of $2.1 billion a year, by us, the US tax payers), would not allow the marchers to approach Gaza. How lame is that? And how predictable! I live in the USA and during this time Dec 25th 2009-Jan3rd 2010 I saw no reference to Gaza or the Freedom March or the multi national protesters gathered there. Anyway I was moved, in the circumstances, to record a new version of " We shall overcome". It seems appropriate.

Roger Waters

Many thanks to G.E Smith: lead guitar and Thor Jonsson, drum programming and whatever. Thanks guys!!!

PS. 3rd June 2010

And now piracy!!!!!!!



  1. Truly a good job for an old coot, truly.

  2. That is one ugly wall.

    The last time I saw Waters perform was at, I believe, an earth day celebration in the US. As far as I was concerned, he stole the show.

    Nice video showing that even people in Israel are upset about what their government did.

  3. Nice video showing that even people in Israel are upset about what their government did.

    Indeed - that message is hard to find here in the corporate owned press.

  4. Not very many of them ARE upset about it. Plenty of displays of solidarity from Israelis being splashed across the Intertubes, the 95% approval of the Gaza massacre should not be forgotten. The big fad for Mossad sunglasses and t-shirts after the assassination in Dubai should not be forgotten. In fact, I think the people in Israel who disagree with their government's policies are ridiculously fewer, percentage-wise, than here.

  5. Bluebear2:

    I had just got done posting a trivial rant on when I saw your comment on Richard's terrifying post.

    You, 99, and Big Dan and, or course, Brad are the best angry people I know. Thanks for showing up.

    I love Richard too, We have huge disagreements on the events of 911, but otherwise, he is "the man" at OneUtah. I keep telling him that buildings just don't do that, but he won't budge.

  6. Actually, I like my trivial rant:

  7. This is one way we can tell. That's just one of many pleasure boats out in the week before the flotilla arrived. I have seen videos of Israelis demonstrating against the "terrorist" aid boats. Reporters at Ashdod, where the the boats were being forcibly docked had to pull out because mobs were forming, becoming violent and it was no longer safe to be a non-Israeli in Ashdod. Add this stuff with the increasing Israeli mob attacks on Palestinians and the recent waves of avid approval for the Gaza massacre and the Dubai assassination, and it tells ME the Israeli government is enjoying solid popular support. It might all be propaganda and dissenters being gagged, but, even so, I think it's time to stop excusing them, and us, for this stuff. If we can't mount protest loud enough to put the fear in our leadership, we deserve the disapproval of the world.

    Who's Richard?

  8. Richard Warnick is a writer at our little blog in Utah (

    Richard is a very responsible writer who has had many great posts involving the wars and the environment coupled with meticulous research.