Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Have They Done to the Rain?

Crops, weeds, lawns all damaged by mysterious "disease" - toxic rain?

Volatile Organic Compounds in the air around the gulf

Media blackout hiding extent of the damage

Obummer complicit?


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  1. I guess we gotta officially envy those who can place their trust in The Lord at this point.

    I don't follow, exactly, her logic about Obama's complicity... I mean, I get the general drift, but does she mean that the cleanup workers' died before and it would get out until after BP had a deal to lighten up on them in the press? They CERTAINLY did lighten up... insofar as there was any access for any reporting to begin with and that was about bubkes. ANY journalist, however, could have gotten us the specs on the deaths and none have that I know of. Anyway, I'm really unclear on the complicity concept, EXCEPT that it has been apparent from Day One that Obama has just laid back and let BP call all the shots.

    I think the $20 billion trust fund thing was about salvaging his career alone and probably will never come near being paid out.